Thing a Day

Automatic Site Rebuilds with Travis CIOct 7, 2013
Continuous integration for artifact generation
In-page source editorOct 6, 2013
Github APIfu
Emoji on WebpagesSep 28, 2013
🌊 🌟 🍉 🍻 🐌 🐗 👾 🐛 🐧
Firebase + Angular DiveSep 13, 2013
Annotating decks with SVGJul 8, 2013
an experiment with


  • Avoid a backlog of unstarted things. Instead try to keep each thing fresh and explore it right away.
  • Keep it simple, avoiding process overhead and complexity. Get to the thing as directly as possible.
  • Try two or three things at once, for example a hosted database, a data binding framework, and an idea for a cat pictures service. This is to help avoid blank page syndrome and make demos that have some substance.

Hosting Options

  • Inline: This is appropriate for quick experiments which don't require any external tooling
  • Plunkr: [1] An alternative to inline posts, which can be embedded (when to use?)
  • Seperate repo: if the experiment needs extra tooling (different build tool, etc) or if it seems independently useful.

Circle of things

To focus my work and ensure that I balance skill development, I will identify critical learning areas and rotate between them.

  • Design (color, making a site via comp)
  • Tooling (Grunt, DocPad)
  • Interactive (Facets, Viz)
  • Writing
  • Multimedia (video, photo, audio)

Possible future topics