Eric Drechsel

a skilled, pragmatic, and effective [[Technology Practitioner]]

I specialize in creating prototypes, and my skillset reflects that.

Origin story

I’ve been creating and adapting information tech professionally since 2000, when as a teenager I started a business building and repairing computers for small businesses in Southern Oregon, eventually expanding into ecommerce hosting. This lead to a job running servers and networks for a local wireless ISP, Pioneer-Net, where I built my first Drupal website.

For a long time, building complex portal and ecommerce sites was my main gig,

I’m an information technology practitioner

Hi, I’m Eric

This page is for anyone evaluating me as a potential hire

I’m a senior IT systems professional

I specialize in prototype-driven developmentArchitectural validation (prototyping) Learning by doing Making attempts cheap

  • Containers and VMs
  • Process automation
    • Ansible
    • Github Actions
  • NixOS