Annotating decks with SVG

Today I experimented with annotating presentations with SVG. It’s almost there. Following is a rough guide, for the adventurous, along with issues I found along the way.

Objective: call out features of my slides using custom floating graphics.

tl;dr; How to add annotations:

How I got here

At first, I was embedding SVG using the <svg> tag. This worked alright, and I could even mark individual shapes as fragments (incrementally shown elements), but it required switching to the code view frequently, and the UI didn’t allow interacting with the SVG image. So, it wasn’t broken per-se, but it kind of missed the point of using a GUI editor.

Then I hit on the idea of using lots of small external SVG images using the HTML <img> tag. This would allow the SVG images to be positioned within the GUI just like other images. Unfortunately, in