Beaglebone Storage Server

install debian

My Beaglebone (shipped March 15) came stock with Angstrom, which I replaced with the official BB Debian image. Beaglebones are now shipping with Debian preinstalled.

trim down

The Beaglebone Debian image comes with a bunch of useful stuff (Git, tmux) but it only leaves about 120MB for installing application packages, log files, etc.

To see a list of manually installed packages sorted by size, open aptitude and

  • Views > new flat package list
  • limit (press l): !~v ~i !~M
  • sort (press S): installsize

list of possibly unnecessary packages:

  • /opt/cloud9 (not from a deb package) ~60MB

secure login

  • adduser, put in sudo group
  • disable root SSH login

hdd reformat

  • backup everything
  • GPT + btrfs
  • also looked at ZFS which has Mac support, but there were no ARM binaries and I read things about its cache being memory hungry. Investigate further if you want Mac support.

home network

My home router is DD-WRT. I highly recommend using it over stock vendor firmwares.

  • edit /etc/hostname to “alexandria”
  • dd-wrt:
    • give the host a static IP and hostname via DHCP mac binding
  • Updated 428: In Services > DHCP Server set the LAN Domain. This will resolve your host to the local IP for devices connected to your home network. For example, my public server is, so I set as LAN domain.
  • forward ports to device: 3179, 22

public network

cross-compile camlistore (on laptop)

  • git clone ...
  • cd /usr/local/go/src (or wherever your Go source is)
  • sudo GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm CGO_ENABLED=0 ./make.bash --no-clean
  • src:
  • go run make.go -arch=arm -os=linux
  • one line deploy: go run make.go -arch=arm -os=linux && rsync -avz bin/linux_arm/camlistored $USER@$HOST:/usr/local/bin/

camlistored startup



  • case
  • usb power solution