Photo Syncing with BTSync for Mobile

Update: Since I wrote this article, I’ve been using the open source Syncthing app on android and all my other devices to sync documents, media files, etc. Use that instead!

Today I decided to setup BitTorrent Sync on my Android phone to sync my camera photos. I’m so happy I did!

BTSync is software based on the BitTorrent protocol which keeps folders syncronized between multiple devices. It supports iOS/Android as well as PC/Mac/Linux, and works well with large files such as full-resolution images and videos.

By sharing the DCIM folder from my Android phone with my laptop, I can ensure that the photos I take on my phone are always backed up, without relying on a cloud sync solution such as those promoted by Google, Microsoft, and Apple. There are plenty of reasons to avoid putting your data on the corporate cloud, including:

BTSync doesn’t have any of these problems, and is phenomenally robust (much moreso than any cloud solution).

Other use-cases for which BTSync is ideally suited:

I’d recommend giving BTSync a try. It’s going to be around for awhile.