Prose, Jekyll Starter Repo

This post comprises my working notes for extracting a reusable Github Pages starter site from the repo for this blog. The template site is here.


Spin off a minimal reusable starter repo prose + Jekyll/Github Pages sites.


  1. clean wc
  2. Split commits that touch both content and reusable.

    PATHS=_config.yml _layouts/ links.json index.html js css .gitignore css/ fonts/
    # in three windows:
    git log --stat --reverse --topo-order --full-diff $PATHS
    git log  -u    --reverse --topo-order --full-diff $PATHS
    rebase -i --root
    # edit/split
  3. In another pass, put reusable commits together at the beginning (leave content commits in place)

  4. Clean reusable history by reorder/squash/edit

    • Remove unused asset files
    • Make sure initial commits don’t have any personal info in layouts
  5. Make reusable-jekyll-site branch and push to Github.

    git remote add git push -u HEAD reusable:master