This is my first journal post. In previous iterations of my primary writing platform (my wiki) my daily (sometimes weekly) journal has served as the first stop in my workflow for developing new ideas, and I’m hoping to apply the same process as a workflow component for blogging. I outline how it works below.

Browser Tab Cleanup > Key research links and thoughts into Journal (or directly into existing articles) > Edit journal > Factor out articles

This workflow happens during the active lifecycle of the journal article, ideally the same day but always within a day or two of the journal entry creation. This is to avoid things falling off, and also the provide a natural mechanism for trivial ideas to EOL early on (by simply never making out of the journal phase).

Below are ideas that I am following today.

Bootstrap Magic, a slick Bootstrap 3 theme creator with support for LESS vars and the whole sheebang!

Jade and LESS: Preprocessors!

Part of my motivation for [moving to DocPad]() is the availability of many preprocessor plugins. Less f****g <div> bulls**t/tag matching hell. - Plunker now supports preprocessors (my test case), as does CSSDeck.

Resolution: attempt port site to DocPad

First commit and push everything (clean WC)

New stories:

Streams #Tech:

I definitely feel like I need to learn more about streams, so I’d like to find ways to work them into my projects (using node will encourage this!)

Let’s make my site work offline Retrospective

I need to remember my original reason for starting this site: writing.Time spent actually blogging is really good for me. I also enjoyed the productive technical work in support of the blogging, but at some point it got to be too risky - I could end up spending a lot of time and not ending up with a working system.

Workflow Work

Break site into:

Journal - Day and title Articles - In-depth

Apply original workflow: call out changes in journal

Classify things by their level of noteworthiness, so I can knock off impulses and not block the stream.

  • tweet
  • blog
  • walkthrough
  • full app

Start small, as writing and editing a post takes time! Publishing messy, unreadable posts draft posts alienates readers.

  • Always apply the disciplines of mind: organization

  • Tweet worth

UX (do this as a “thing”): - Whiteboard a flow diagram for browsing the site - Card exercises - Optimize the navigation - clean up main pagemain page, then out (remove global links to about, tags) - optimize nav on main page Favicon

Idea: circle of things: do them in a rotation so I don’t get stuck in a rut

… > Tech > Writing > Graphics > Writing Editing Content

Organize things under themes/initiatives/projects?

My cosmology

In the beginning there was a dull throb

Around the periphery of the throb, there arose the Ur-desire,

the desire for coffee…

desire blossomed into vacuum, and with it the expanse of space

the vacuum was filled with tiny pores

through the pores seeped the coffee

and from the coffee sprang all else