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writing a system using libraries or a framework is like growing an organism:

A “natural” process, in the sense that at each step in the growth of the system, the state is in some way the right and proper state given the previous state and the environmental constraints.


jarofghosts jung https://npmjs.org/package/jung ericholscher Inspiring talk on why creating documentation

Technical writing is hard. If you want to be better at, you’d better start now.

Documentation is outreach. It provides a guide

Good docs Nginx tutorial example. i18n

Kronda samantha fox naughty girls need love too

Occulus Rift

James: Jamie Heinemen

pricenomics pandas (pandas has a book which is the best resource) https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Shapely deplyer

cartoon guide to statistics


julia vega http://trifacta.github.io/vega/