Thinking about:

Build my site service

  • Whenever I push to Github, my website is updated
  • Website is stored in S3
  • Should support multiple sites

Sub-document granularity

  • a day journal is essentially just a bunch of independent snippets
  • it could be generated from a date index if all the snippets were independently stored
  • then I could index them other ways as well
  • including sorting the private stuff from the public

    • maybe some sort of input language would be useful
    • it would be processed into a bunch of snippets
    • what would it look like?
    • how would it handle updates to snippets? would it need to?
  • what about a UI for working with snippets “in context”

  • Workspaces

    • Journal
    • Show all items created today.
    • Items created here are not tagged with anything special.
    • Some tag
    • Show items with this tag
    • Items created here get the tag
    • Some combination of tags
    • same
    • Could work for other contexts too
    • Project
    • Show action context
  • i am thinking about camlistore

  • this stream of consciousness writing feels good

    • i have felt stuck lately, hung up on my broken process


  • how am I feeling today form
  • t:Wisdom #mantra IGNORE EVERYTHING

  • I need a systematic way of thinking

  • a way to reconcile the stream of time with the world of abstract objects

    • objects are timeless
    • CAS approaches timelessness
    • by representing things in a way that makes them eternal.
    • they existed before, you just didn’t hold the BLOBREF
  • stream

  • lexer

  • character ranges (UTF8) (objects in the stream)

  • creational grammars

  • picking objects out of the stream

  • stream as data type

What did I get out of brainstorming today?

  • t:Wisdom You can only hold one thing in your hand at a time (src: notebook)