Eric Drechsel

Software Engineer


  • Write clean Go, Python, Ruby, and Javascript with tests.
  • Review code and coordinate releases.
  • Automate software builds, deployment, server provisioning, and service monitoring.
  • Plan development efforts, specify functionality, and manage delivery timelines.
  • Provide front-line support, farm issue queues, and perform code review.
  • Build functional, appealing web user interfaces from visual comps or behavioral specifications.


  • 15 years operating services, developing applications, and supporting customers.
  • Autodidactic learner with Mathematics/Physics degree.

Open Source

  • Contribute Go and React.js patches to the filesystem and web interfaces of the Camlistore personal storage system. (2014—)
  • Creator of many projects such as Pillowfork, a social storytelling sandbox, static-starter.
  • Lead development of ActivateHub, event promotion and aggregation platform. (2011-2013)

Previous roles

  • Application Engineer, Point 97 / Ecotrust (Aug 2014—Jan 2015) Built tools for capturing and analyzing spatial datasets, and helped storytellers interweave spatial data visualizations with text and video. Automated provisioning and deployment of Django and PostgreSQL to cloud infrastructure using Ansible.
  • Software Engineer, Janrain (May 2012—July 2013) Architected and built a Rails customer dashboard unifying various existing tools into a cohesive experience. Created provisioning APIs in core products and integrated with Zookeeper distributed configuration registry. Designed and built web UI and REST APIs for team management service using AngularJS, Scala, and Riak.
  • Information Architect, PSU Communications (Nov 2005—Feb 2008) Architected a bubble-up content aggregation workflow for news, events, and faculty profiles. Developed custom Drupal distributions bundling reusable content types, views, workflows, and a customizable theme based on the University style guide.
  • BS Mathematics/Physics PSU, 2010 Computer algebra, numerical modeling, graphics.
  • Developer, Oregon Catholic Press (Aug—Nov 2005) Drupal-based music portal.
  • Systems Administrator, Portland Public Schools (Apr-Aug 2005) Provisioned Linux servers and operated services including Moodle, Drupal, Docuwiki, and JIRA.
  • Operations Engineer, Pioneer Net (Jan 2004—Feb 2005) Built and operated Linux web, email, and log servers and Cisco switching and traffic shaping hardware, monitored network health, provided tier-2 tech support, and developed a Drupal web portal.
  • Consultant, Umpqua Computer Services (2000—2004) Created custom Drupal and Zencart ecommerce sites such as MLB Marbled Fabrics.


  • Operate PDXHub infrastructure Produce engaging and hard-working web applications. (2004—)
  • Lead development of SERPs, a web analytics product. (2011)
  • Created a browser-based UI (Backbone.js) for Checkmarkable. (2011)
  • Created, a graphics-rich static marketing site. (2011)
  • Built a market research study planner in Javascript and Rails for Revelation. (2010)
  • Built a faceted browsing UI, text translation tool, and image/video asset manager for Nike’s 2008 Summer Olympics campaign using Drupal & jQuery with Sticky. (2008)