Publishing sites out of Camlistore

Publishing websites out of Camlistore

Speaker:Eric Drechsel /@edrex


  • oh hi
  • Once you've put all your information in one basket, you might want to publish a website out of it.
  • Options:
    • Go templates
      • Have to rebuild the binary each time. That's no fun!
      • Also violates encapsulation like whoa. I want my store to be a black box with a consistent API.
      • Go templates seem great for teaching the server custom output formats (FOOSON?)
    • External build process
      • BYO tools/environment
    • Need to get at store data somehow
  • My site build: <draw a picture>
    • Posts (Markdown and Jade) + templates (Jade) in Git
    • Metadata in _data.json
    • Harp feeds metadata to Jade templates
  • Want
    • Posts are Camli objects (Permanodes)
    • Metadata via Camli claims
    • Templates in Git
  • Questions

    • How to update

  • The vision 1 Capture

    • One interpolated stream for all activity
      • Location history
      • Smartphone photos
      • Social network activity (twitter/fb/g+ etc)
      • Open browser tabs
      • Wireless network connections 2 Annotate to add structure
    • Tags
    • "Folder" structures
    • Arbitrary fields 3 Query
    • ^ this is what's great about one basket