Workflow Talk

On Making Stuff

and putting it on the web

(without getting tangled up in the technology)

Speaker:Eric Drechsel /@edrex

Computers are Rad!

^ edrex, age 13

Who am I?

  • resume says I'm a software engineer.


  • I went to school for math and physics,
  • study natural science,
  • have notebooks full of drawings,
  • and a lot more.

Enough technology. It's time to make stuff.

  • Learn to communicate using this media
  • and others:
    • VBlogs / Podcasts
    • Data visualization

Personal challenges

  • Developer-think
  • So many new skills to learn!

It's all about the content

/--< IA/UX and visual design Content <--| \--< Technology

Optimize for productivity

  • Small, comprehensible stack
  • Orthogonality

In general

  • Choose your abstractions carefully
  • Libraries encapsulate patterns
  • Learn the patterns

Preprocessor languages

  • Markdown
  • Jade (Haml)

Static site generation

  • Jekyll
  • Harp

CSS Preprocessors

  • Sass, Stylus, Less
  • Sass is a pattern library


  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • All you need is normalize


  • Susy
  • Singularity


  • Continuous deployment
  • S3 or whatever

Other stuff

  • Don't get hung up on the technology
  • Habituate on frequent, meaningful commits and pushes
  • Code tasks get a big red "Admin" label in Trello.


Eric Drechsel @edrex